Experience and personal attention

I graduated from the University of Oregon Law School in December of 1992. In 1993 and 1994 I handled criminal  and consumer law cases and worked as a clerk for a bankruptcy lawyer in Eugene. My wife and I  moved to Portland in 1994. I  have been practicing bankruptcy law in Portland Oregon ever since.

Since starting my practice in 1994, I have represented over 1,000 clients in bankruptcy cases, I have handled enough bankruptcies to be experienced yet I still retain a personal relationship with my clients.  Some bankruptcy attorneys handle a thousand cases or more in one year!   I simply do not want to be a “bankruptcy mill” and push through case after case. I prefer to  work one-to-one with my clients. In fact, you will NEVER work with a paralegal or secretary if you hire me.  I do use a typist for data entry, but all of my clients interact only with me.  I answer all client questions myself and I strive to return telephone calls or email the same day.  And this does not cost more.  My fees are comparable to or less than most firms.

Please do not hesitate  to call me if you want to learn more about your bankruptcy options. I always offer a free consultation to people contemplating bankruptcy*

* The free consultation does not apply to people that have already filed a bankruptcy case or who are already represented by another lawyer.

5 reasons why bankruptcy may be right for you.

1. It works. There is no other way to address debts that is as inexpensive and efficient.

2. You will enjoy life more.  Almost all of my clients tell me that they were relieved and felt better about life after their case was filed and their creditors were forced to leave them alone.

3. You can answer your phone again.  No more embarrassing calls at work.

4. Most people will not lose any of their belongings or tax refunds now that Oregon allows the use of federal exemptions in bankruptcy cases.

5. Your credit rating will likely improve quickly.  Most people see a rise in their credit score  within a year of filing bankruptcy.