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May 15, 2022

Bank Account Garnished? Here’s What To Do Now

​ ​Imagine this: You’re on your way to do some errands at the grocery store. And while paying for your purchases, your debit card gets declined. You don’t think it won’t happen because you expected that your salary was already wired to it the other week. When you clarify your situation with your bank, you learn that you just got your bank account garnished by your creditor. People, at some point, are compelled to borrow…

January 15, 2022

Can I Keep my House if I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Can I Keep My House if I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Oregon? Having debts when running a business is nothing out of the ordinary. But when your debts become too overwhelming to pay — that is, you have more obligations than what you earn — filing bankruptcy is a legal process that will help you get a fresh start. Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oregon entails the sale of your non-exempted assets and using the…