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    Clicking on the link below will download a copy of my bankruptcy questionnaire. It is not a fillable form, so it will need to be printed out and filled out by hand. I am working on a fillable form that I hope to have finished in a few weeks. Please understand that by downloading a copy of this questionnaire that no attorney/client relationship has been created. The only way to hire me as your attorney is to meet with me in person or by telephone and review and sign a written retainer agreement.

     I provide this form here because many people simply want to find out what kind of information they will need to provide in a bankruptcy case, while others want to completely fill out the form and bring it in for their first meeting to get their case started faster. By clicking on "I Agree" you agree to the terms and limitations stated above: If a password box appears just hit CANCEL and the form should download for you. If you have difficulty, please email me.

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